Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Cold April Morning 2012

Today was a cold day but as usual there was no shortage of people ready to learn some more gardening skills. One group carefully pulled out the weeds from the flower bed, not as easy as it sounds as they had to learn which were weeds and which were going to be the 'poached egg' or 'cosmos' plants.
Jim gave a 'how to plant your onion' lesson and then all the children had a go at planting one. Two people from Vibe teaching agency used the pick axe to dig a hole to plant another apple tree.
Two parents forked over another bed and put soil improver on so the bed is ready for planting carrots and cabbages. The children took all the weeds out of the beds so they will be clear for planting.
The Greenhouse had more soil improver put in as a top layer so the plants in there will have some good quality earth to grow in. Finally Jim and a dedicated parent put up some of the wires that the fruit trees will grow along. A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.

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