Friday, 18 May 2012

No SATS today

Class 6 were planting out the beetroot today. We were a bit worried because they looked so tiny. Ria has been brilliant at taking care of the plants. I do hope they survive.

Amba and Kyra helped her while Kian and Olivia planted the turnips. We are all hoping that the warmth and the rain will help them thrive in their new home.

Amba then turned her hand to planting the tomatoes with Kian. They found digging the holes, putting the tomatoe and the cane in quite difficult however they persisted and got the hang of it.

Jesse and Chris-Jesse sieved the soil before they planted the courgettes to make sure the plants would thrive, They did a very good job and were able to plant a good  number of the courgettes.

After that Ria watered all the newly planted seedlings to make sure they would not dry out over the weekend.

Kevin planted some pumpkins and made sure there were enough. We are hoping to grow some prize pumpkins this year.

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