Friday, 25 May 2012

The President is coming

Next week we are having a special visitor. Elizabeth Banks, President of the RHS is coming to visit our Secret Garden. Some of the year six children will be doing some background reading to make sure they welcome her properly.

Gardening Club were watering today and we still have to carry the watering cans from school. Next week Thames water are coming to start the work to connect water to the site, hurray. Everything is growing well. We had a broad bean sale today in school.The year fives sold out so quickly some children were disappointed. Luckily we have a second lot growing that will be ready to harvest next week.

Today we got a mention on the lunchtime Chelsea Flower Show' programme on the BBC. Everyone was delighted. Just think it was only a year ago we were given the beds and now they are full of fruit and vegetables in Battersea.

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