Thursday, 10 May 2012

Work work work

Today five different groups were working simultaneously.
1.Planting strawberries
2. Earthing up the potatoes
3. Building a support for the peas and beans
4. Weeding the beds
5.Sieving the soil in the greenhouse to take out stones.
It was impressive and all the jobs got done. My group of volunteers is getting larger and larger soon I will have to limit places, who would have thought it.

The pears are growing and the children were amazed to see them them growing underneath the flower. Science comes alive when you can see it first hand.

Class one have come back and planted some beans hopefully they will climb up the structures that have been built.

We were also visited by some people from The Princes Trust. They have gone away to decide whether they can help us buiding paths or clearing. I do hope so.

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